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601 Kansas City Street, Rapid City, SD 57701

Beer Archive

Although we only have five taps, our repertoire is more diverse.

Here are the various beers we brew, either seasonally, monthly, or never.

The Bitter Warrior is a true working man's beer. The crisp finish follows distinct Marris Otter flavors of sourdough or graham cracker. A session beer indeed at a classic 3.2% ABV.

Best Bitter. The finest barley malts impart sourdough and caramel flavors, which are balanced by floral and spicy dry-hop aromas. This blend of American, English and German ingredients creates a very drinkable session beer.

Victory Stout. This dry session stout is our flagship brand. A subtle smokiness overlies deep roasted and chocolate flavors. By the end of the glass, you will feel a void and unmistakable need for more.

Better Brown Ale. This refined American-style ale showcases chocolate and toasted malt flavors. A mild, earthy dry-hop nose leads to a crisp finish that is approachable for all palates.

Loop the Loop APA. Not a discrete American Pale Ale; this continuously hopped beer showcases Cascade and Citra hops. The unmistakable nose and well balanced body will put you into a sensory coma.

Dick Fuggles Pale Ale. A well-balanced and extremely refreshing pale ale. This beer flows through hop cones immediately before entering your glass with a device called a Randal. The hops produce a unique grassy aroma that should make Richard Fuggles proud.

Cascadian Black Ale (CBA). Trendy? Yes. Necessary? Definitely. This beer is in the same family as black IPAs, but slightly more malt driven. The generous bitterness is balanced with the rye and honey malt.

Gravy Irish Stout. (Gray-vee) - Something advantageous or valuable that is received or obtained as a benefit beyond what is due or expected. This is the second wart runnings from our Russian Imperial Stout and definitely earns the name.

A true double pale ale in all respects: double malt in the mash, double hops in th the boil, double dry-hopped in two separate conditioning stages, and aged to perfection for impeccable balance.

Experimental Pale Ale (XPA). A mellow caramel/toffee sweetness holds the foundation while various randal infusions will keep this beer changing. Test your taste buds on this weeks infusion.

Mothers Temptation IPA. This sun-hued ale is unassuming at first glance. Its pleasant pineapple aroma invites a sip that will quickly fill your pallet with crisp grapefruit sweetness. Beware, Citra and Columbus hops tempt you for another, but one is enough.

Translates to white beer from Berlin, but this one is kettle soured in house. The solid white head complements and approachable cloudy white/straw color. Expect a sweet honey-like aroma leading into a crisp tart finish. By default, it is served with a traditional raspberry syrup.

Centennial IPA. This India pale ale showcases high alpha Centennial hops. Look for tangerine, pine, and woody flavors. A crisp caramel body is designed to showcase the hop profile.

Sunshine SMASH XPA. Crisp Marris Otter and American Cascade hops get out of the way - let Randal do the talking. Don't miss out as new hop varieties fill the Randal for every new keg tapped.

2nd Round Brown Porter. This full bodied English Brown Porter is a rich and sweet treat for the palette. Expect hints of caramel, toffee, and molasses in a clean blend of maltiness.

The eXperimental Pale Ale series is always changing. This version combines honey malt and Fuggle hops in a refreshing and organic way. The beer flows through hop cones immediately before entering your glass with a device called a Randal.

Dakota Gold Kolsch - Slight tropical fruit notes emit from the solid white head due to the lower fermentation temperature. From the malts, the aroma of fresh dough rises from the glass. This is a subltle, simple, and refreshing beer.

If everyone else jumped off the building, would you? As long as it's into a 20 foot deep pile of Citra hops! This single malt and single hop version of our experimental pale ale series features Marris Otter malts and Citra hops. Ask what's in the Randal, or what a Randal is?

To complete our portfolio, this is the strongest and maltiest of the English bitters. A warming mouthfeel ties together the herbal hop character and biscuit/caramel maltiness.

Still Under Construction

This Berliner Weisse inspired American Sour Ale has tested several brewing boundaries. A large proportion of wheat contributes to a sweeter body, but the two day kettle sour balances the flavor with an immediate tart sensation. The apricot-like aroma screams of Amarillo dry hops. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind.