BHCBW: Firkin Friday

Real Ale. Naturally carbonated. Served at cellar temp with a beer engine.

It wasn’t until recently, in the 1900s, that beer was served in pressurized stainless steel kegs and pushed down the line with CO2. Before modern refrigeration, beer lived in the pub cellar and was manually hand-pumped up to the bar. It was served at near room temperature with less carbonation and had a silk smooth mouthfeel. This method is still popular in the UK and is promoted by CAMRA. We pay respect to the days of old by occasionally serving some of our beer in a Firkin, or special cask, using a beer engine.

To celebrate Black Hills Craft Beer, we’ll not only be serving a Firkin on our normal first Friday (Bitter Warrior) but also on the 8th (E.S.D.).

We’ll also be raffling off our Stainless Steel Growler and Hoodie for the week’s To-Go Raffle. If you fill a growler or crowler that week, you are entered into the raffle.

Firkin Friday and info

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