Myke Bogan at Hay Camp Brewing

Myke Bogan enjoys a remarkable underground and commercial buzz as he floats between the Portland  hip-hop community and LA Dad-life. By coupling a fiery and charismatic persona with good music, he has created a cult-like following. On this tour from Indianapolis to Spokane, he stop at Hay Camp Brewing Co, in Rapid City.

 “In Portland’s increasingly vibrant and competitive hip-hop community, the hard work is paying off. As one of the city’s most charismatic performers, Bogan’s energetic live shows have been a highlight of the local rap scene for years,” says Vortex. His past mixtape hit number 14 on iTunes Top 100 and number one on Bandcamp the day it dropped. He’s attracting the right kind of attention and has successfully set the precedent for his stylized visuals and dynamic delivery.


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