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Hay Camp Brewing Company brews and serves small-batch hand crafted ales. Our beer, our way, only at our location. See the full story here.

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The Bitter Warrior is a true working man's beer. The crisp finish follows distinct Marris Otter flavors of sourdough or graham cracker. A session beer indeed at a classic 3.2% ABV.

The Cacao Victory Stout. In this dry stout, a subtle smokiness overlies deep roasted and chocolate flavors. Cacao nibs added directly to the fermenter gives this rendition a unique flavor spike.

Experimental Pale Ale (XPA). A mellow caramel/toffee sweetness holds the foundation while various randal infusions will keep this beer changing. Test your taste buds on this weeks infusion.

Cascadian Black Ale (CBA). Trendy? Yes. Necessary? Definitely. This beer is in the same family as black IPAs, but slightly more malt driven. The generous bitterness is balanced with the rye and honey malt.

A true double pale ale in all respects: double malt in the mash, double hops in th the boil, double dry-hopped in two separate conditioning stages, and aged to perfection for impeccable balance.

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